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Mojo’s beatseqr test drive

I finally got a chance to demo the beatseqr, which my friend Steve was kind enough to loan me. Steve custom builds these little boxes of MIDI joy. Here’s some video I shot giving a brief overview of the features, some info on using it in a Windows environment, and a little old school jungle/drum & bass beat progression I made using the beatseqr.

Blu Mar Ten Remix Contest Entry

Blu Mar Ten, an exceptional drum & bass (among other things) production outfit, recently hosted a remix competition for their track Believe Me. This was done in anticipation of their forthcoming album Natural History: Revision, which will feature a number of remixes including ones by the winners of this contest.

Unfortunately, I did not win. However, this was an epic track to work with and I learned a lot in the process. In the meantime, I am going to continue trucking along. I am seeing incremental improvement in my work as I continue to do these contests… and that has really been the main goal all along.

Here’s my remix:
Blu Mar Ten – Believe Me (Mojo Remix) by DJMojo
Here’s the original, for context:
Blu Mar Ten – Believe Me by Blu Mar Ten
And here is a collage of the three winning tracks:
Blu Mar Ten Remix Competition Winners by Blu Mar Ten

Sunchase Moulded Remix Competition – Version 2

I reworked the remix a bit, wanted to make it a bit less “abstract.”

Sunchase – Moulded (Mojo’s Final Truth Remix) Version 2 by DJMojo

A Little Bit of Drums and a Little Bit of Bass

I haven’t done a Drum & Bass mix in quite a long time, but overall I am pleased with how this turned out. Mostly new stuff with a few old classic favs thrown in for good measure. Mostly liquid but a little bit of everything and I throw some harder stuff in at the peaks.

Mojo – A Little Bit of Drums and a Little Bit of Bass by DJMojo

Sabre – One Hundred Teeth (Mojo’s That Will Leave a Mark Mix)

Here’s my entry for the Knowledge Magazine remix competition. The tune is called One Hundred Teeth by Sabre and it is a dark and atmospheric drum n’ bass track. This competition was done in part to promote Sabre’s latest album, A Wandering Journal. Knowledge also interviewed Sabre about his inspirations for the album.

Sabre – One Hundred Teeth (Mojo’s That Will Leave a Mark Mix) by DJMojo