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Touch Screen Turntables

Very cool concept and seems to work pretty well.

Mix – Chilling Spree

The following mix is the first of two mixes I submitted in the 2008 Discogs Mix Tournament. There were two main categories… a “Peak Time” category and a “Warm Up or Afterhours” set. As implied by the name, this was my entry in the chillout category and features a diverse set of downtempo tracks, starting off with a little hip hop and winding through a variety of mellow classics. The mix ranked second in its respective category as voted on by fellow participants and other discogs forums members. Enjoy.

Stream: Chilling Spree

Download: Chilling Spree

New Mix – Jello Submarine

Jello Submarine is my new mix that features mostly new music from August of 2009. This is primarily a deep house mix although there are definitely some high energy house tracks and some material with more of an edge that is included here as well. I am really into updated remixes of older songs, so the Calvertron remix of 80s classic Feel For You by Chaka Khan is one of the highlights. If you have heard similar remixes that you can recommend, please include them in the comments.

Stream: Jello Submarine

Download: Jello Submarine

Augmented Reality Mixing

Yesterday, I posted about the emerging field of Augmented Reality.  The folks at 5 Gum are already working on making this a music interface.  The graphic pattern that is shown determines the beat that is played and the proximity of it to a given point determines the volume.

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Mix – Eclectic Shock

There really is nothing like performing live for a crowd and my years of live gigging are memories I will treasure forever. Having shifted my focus to other priorities, I must say that my passion for mixing has never left and to this day, I try and get in some time on the decks if only for myself and some friends. Every so often, Discogs forum members hold a mixing competition and I have competed in it several times. The mix I am presenting here took second place, as rated by fellow Discogs forum members and contest participants, in the Spring 2006 competition. This mix is down-tempo and is my attempt to be as diverse in genre as possible and I hit everything from jazz, latin, funk, trip-hop and dub. Thanks for listening!

Stream: Eclectic Shock

Download: Eclectic Shock

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DJ A-Trak composition on the fly

This is a performance from 2002, but it still blows me away everytime I see it. DJ A-Trak is a world champion DJ, having won the contest in 1997 at the age of 15, making him the youngest DJ to win the honor. In this clip, he is creating songs on the fly by sampling loops, scratches and synth tones from his turntables and mixer. He layers them piece by piece in real time and the results are pretty amazing.

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Credit where credit is due department…

My friend Jason, aka Simfonik, runs an incredible blog and is really the inspiration behind me starting this blog. He is documenting the Los Angeles rave culture by archiving mixtapes, flyers, fashion and other cultural associations. It is really a tremendous piece of work, and anyone even peripherally associated with the L.A. techno/house scene of the 1990s should definitely check it out. He has classic mixtapes from Doc Martin, DJ Dan, Barry Weaver, Jason Blakemore and many, many others. In addition to all that, he has a knack for finding really cool things, which is how I found out about Kutiman, something that has fascinated me all summer. Do yourself a favor and visit Simfonik.

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Traktor Scratch Duo

So I finally got my hands on a digital DJ application. Developed by Native Instruments, it’s called Traktor Scratch Duo. The setup comes with an audio interface that connects to my turntables, mixer and laptop and it also has two special time-coded vinyl records. The time code is converted by the interface and allows one to control mixing and even scratching of MP3 music on the computer via vinyl. Similar products have been on the market for several years, including Final Scratch by Stanton and Serrato Scratch by Rane, but this was much more affordable and it works perfectly! Here’s a mix I made of some new music using this awesome technology.

Stream: Everything featuring the Kitchen Sink

Download: Eveything featuring the Kitchen Sink

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And so it was written…

I am currently working on a Java application that emulates a theremin for my undergraduate Senior Project. It uses a Wii remote for tracking infrared LEDs on one’s hands and converts the coordinate data to pitch and volume. This blog is intended to document changes and ideas as I work through the development process. I will also be presenting other cool and interesting music and technology related ideas here that catch my attention. My application is at a functional stage. I hope to post video of  it in action within the next few weeks. Additionally, time and resources permitting,  I intend to make a DJ version of this that would allow mixing and scratching by moving one’s hands in the air.

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