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Otto Beat Slicing Interface

Showing the audio representation of the loop on the LEDs of the device is very impressive.  I think such a concept would have a lot more applicability than just cutting drum loops.

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Tesla does Popcorn

Don’t know if you can get a more unique interface than a Tesla coil! Style points for playing one of my childhood favorites…

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While my interests lie primarily in applying new interfaces in the musical domain, I have given some thought to eventually expanding my research and development into other areas, such as OS Navigation, Graphics Design, CAD or GIS. Looks like the folks over at Oblong Industries are way ahead of me on this one with their G-Speak platform. Anyone who has seen the movie Minority Report should recognize this interface.

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The Interface

This is just the initial interface to get things going.  I intend to have a drop down menu with several preset sounds. Additionally,  I want to offer the user the ability to customize their sounds, which is what the waveform radio buttons are for. I am still debating how much customization of sound I will be offering, but choosing a waveform is a good basic start. Further, there will be an option to send the notes out through MIDI. The red dot represents the right hand and controls pitch by tracking movement along the X-Axis. The blue dot represents volume and is controlled by the left hand moving along the Y-Axis. The application is triggered with the Wii Remote communicating with the host PC over bluetooth. More on this process in upcoming posts.


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