Blu Mar Ten Remix Contest Entry

Blu Mar Ten, an exceptional drum & bass (among other things) production outfit, recently hosted a remix competition for their track Believe Me. This was done in anticipation of their forthcoming album Natural History: Revision, which will feature a number of remixes including ones by the winners of this contest.

Unfortunately, I did not win. However, this was an epic track to work with and I learned a lot in the process. In the meantime, I am going to continue trucking along. I am seeing incremental improvement in my work as I continue to do these contests… and that has really been the main goal all along.

Here’s my remix:
Blu Mar Ten – Believe Me (Mojo Remix) by DJMojo
Here’s the original, for context:
Blu Mar Ten – Believe Me by Blu Mar Ten
And here is a collage of the three winning tracks:
Blu Mar Ten Remix Competition Winners by Blu Mar Ten

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One Response to Blu Mar Ten Remix Contest Entry

  1. Shawn says:

    Hey, would you agree that the winning blu mar ten remixes actually more closely adhere to blu mar ten’s usual style than did their own version of the track? Except maybe the last one in your collage. Even though that last part was harder sounding than the original, it was slower. Or did you slow it down to match the others? I was thinking that maybe in these competitions you should first understand the original artist’s style, and make that your foundation. Beyond that I would bring your own style in as a texture. I particularly liked the first version in the collage. The warm piano is a really nice touch.

    Don’t get me wrong, this is not about how much I like yours, because I totally do. This is about winning the contests, which I’d like to see you do.