Kinect Theremin!

Ken Moore has been working on theremin emulation for some time now. He developed a Wii remote based theremin, and was quite helpful to me as I was developing my AirDeck project, which was also a Wii based theremin emulation application. Now Ken has done it again. This time, with the Kinect motion detection device that is used with the Xbox 360. Perhaps, if I can find the time, I can work on something similar with the PlayStation Move, which I have, and then we will have effectively converted all three motion based video game systems into theremins. Check this out:


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One Response to Kinect Theremin!

  1. Vince Carter says:

    the possibilities and concepts getting abused/hacked with the Kinect… insane… after seeing what you have done with this i’m amazed… combined with some sic 3d glasses with even more 3d cameras…

    Minority Report style DAW LIVE sets!!!

    damn i need to find an investor!!!