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Etienne De Crecy

Etienne De Crecy is an electronic music producer who performs live accompanied by an incredible video show inside a “cube.” Still not sure exactly how he does this, but sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy the magic.

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Laser Harp

Another interesting musical interface I’ve come across is the laser harp by Stephen Hobley. He even has the plans and schematics available for download at his website.

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This is an incredible concept developed by students at Pompeu Fabra University in Spain. The software reacts to the shape of the object and offers parameters that can be manipulated based on the object type, thus producing different sound effects. More information is available at Reactable.

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Pamelia Kurstin Theremin Performance

Here is an amazing performance by an elite thereminist. Her name is Pamelia Kurstin. She also discusses some aspects of playing the instrument. Aside from the elegant beauty of her performance check out the cool walking upright jazz bassline she pulls off at around 2:48. Unbelievable!

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Traktor Scratch Duo

So I finally got my hands on a digital DJ application. Developed by Native Instruments, it’s called Traktor Scratch Duo. The setup comes with an audio interface that connects to my turntables, mixer and laptop and it also has two special time-coded vinyl records. The time code is converted by the interface and allows one to control mixing and even scratching of MP3 music on the computer via vinyl. Similar products have been on the market for several years, including Final Scratch by Stanton and Serrato Scratch by Rane, but this was much more affordable and it works perfectly! Here’s a mix I made of some new music using this awesome technology.

Stream: Everything featuring the Kitchen Sink

Download: Eveything featuring the Kitchen Sink

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Introducing the Theremin

The theremin, developed by Russian physicist Leon Theremin, is an instrument that allows the user to manipulate musical volume and frequency by moving one’s hands in front of the instrument’s antennae.  The sound produced is a haunting, almost eerie,  timbre that made the instrument a novel feature in many 1950’s horror and science fiction movies.

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The Interface

This is just the initial interface to get things going.  I intend to have a drop down menu with several preset sounds. Additionally,  I want to offer the user the ability to customize their sounds, which is what the waveform radio buttons are for. I am still debating how much customization of sound I will be offering, but choosing a waveform is a good basic start. Further, there will be an option to send the notes out through MIDI. The red dot represents the right hand and controls pitch by tracking movement along the X-Axis. The blue dot represents volume and is controlled by the left hand moving along the Y-Axis. The application is triggered with the Wii Remote communicating with the host PC over bluetooth. More on this process in upcoming posts.


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And so it was written…

I am currently working on a Java application that emulates a theremin for my undergraduate Senior Project. It uses a Wii remote for tracking infrared LEDs on one’s hands and converts the coordinate data to pitch and volume. This blog is intended to document changes and ideas as I work through the development process. I will also be presenting other cool and interesting music and technology related ideas here that catch my attention. My application is at a functional stage. I hope to post video of  it in action within the next few weeks. Additionally, time and resources permitting,  I intend to make a DJ version of this that would allow mixing and scratching by moving one’s hands in the air.

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