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Haken Continuum

The Haken Continuum is a musical interface that reacts to touch like a touchboard, but allows one to control pitch, velocity and other parameters by sliding or pressing the board.

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Mojo Tunes – Buchlasaurus

As I state in my About page, from a young age I have wanted to be involved in music production, which is why as part of my undergraduate work, I went for a minor in Recording Arts. Over the years, I have written dozens of half-finished pieces and riffs, but for one reason or another was really never able to fully finish a piece. One of the gifts that college has provided me is better discipline and better focus. In my Introduction to Electronic Music class we were tasked with developing an original composition, which forced me to follow my creative efforts through to completion. Earlier this week, I posted about the Buchla, and this piece has elements of the Buchla in it, hence the name. The piece was done primarily in Pro-Tools, and is my attempt at an original drum ‘n bass track. I will be the first to admit that structurally, it is probably not very DJ friendly, and it may not even be very dance floor friendly. But as my first fully developed and completed original piece of work, I would like to present it. Here is Buchlasaurus.


Buchlasaurus © 2008 Mojo’s Dojo

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Who is Ronald Jenkees?

Ronald Jenkees is quite a character, that’s for sure. Three things are undeniable about him:
1) He loves music and is definitely having fun with it.
2) He creates some really great beats.
3) He has crazy chops on the keys.

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The Buchla

When it comes to analog synthesizers, most people have probably heard of Moog Synthesizers. And with good reason, Robert Moog was a trailblazer and his synths are incredible. Not as many people have heard of Don Buchla and his Buchla line of synths. I mention Buchla here not only because the synths are amazing pieces of work, but also because the university I am currently attending happens to have one of these rare beasts and I had the oppportunity to mess around with one. Buchla and Associates are still around today, making synths and midi controllers. Here is a video of a Buchla 200 in action.

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Korg DS10 Synth for Nintendo DS

Here’s another sweet little gadget making use of Nintendo technology that I am more than happy to pimp here. It is the Korg DS10 Synthesizer and it is basically a little synth and sequencer you can run on your Nintendo DS. Here’s some video of it in action. Also some cool vocoder action in this video!

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